Rubin 2013

Family Collection, Limited Edition, 300 bottles

This fascinating wine is characterized by its own style and conveys the warmth and charm of the region of Plovdiv.

It has a deep red in colour; it is full-bodied with a balanced taste.

It is distinguished with its specific flavours: cherry, blackberry, mulberry, tobacco, black pepper, leather, herbs.

It surprises with its spicy, peppery tart flavour, sweet jam nuances and southern elegance.


Best tasted and relished with: poultry meat with cheese and cream sauce, roast meat with thyme gravy, casserole with wine sauce and pumpkin, feta and yellow fresh cheeses, dried plums in bacon and roast stuffed mushrooms with three types of cheeses, herbs and wine.

Volume: 0.75 L

Price: 12.00 BGN

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