Enotheca BENDIDA

Enotheca BENDIDA and a shop for high-quality bottled and bulk wines were opened on 25th March 2007, with the mission to boost the wine culture of the residents of and visitors to Plovdiv.

With us, in Enotheca Bendida ā€“ Plovdiv, you will have the opportunity to savour the taste of Thrace. The typical wine varieties for the Plovdiv Region ā€“ RUBIN and MAVRUD, expertly combined with local cuisine, will be a pleasant surprise for the palate. We offer:

  • Tasting of wines of your choice, accompanied by delicious food and the incredible history of the Thracians and wine;
  • Four or five-course tasting menus with sophisticated dishes, specially selected by a sommelier;
  • Lunches and dinners for groups of up to 50 tourists.