Mavrud/Rubin 2012

Family Collection, Limited Edition 500 bottles

An especially successful match between two local Plovdiv wine varieties, which complement each other superbly.

A full-bodied wine with a rich ruby colour, with a velvety nuance.

The aroma is dominated by that of a ripe cherry, dried blackberries, caramel and smoke.

The palate identifies an excellent sweet part, balanced, with a spicy aftertaste.

You can identify resinous and baked nuances, fruit jam aroma, remaining in the long aftertaste.


Best tasted and relished with :young veal with rosemary roasted in the oven, duck megret with wine sauce and dried edible boletus, lamb fillets, mature feta and yellow cheese, round of deer.

Volume: 0.75 L

Price: 18.00 BGN

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