Mavrud 2010

Family Collection Limited Edition, 250 bottles

A wine with a southern temperament of the Mavrud variety, traditional for the region of Plovdiv, grown here since ancient times.

Sophisticated, with a rich flavour when matured.

This wine has developed excellent quality after maturing in French oak casks, a complex flavour, soft and balanced taste, full-bodied, with fine tannins. It has gathered all the sunshine and warmth of the late wine harvest.

You can detect sweet notes of ripe blackberry and cherry, spices, and the fascinating flavour of autumn vine, leaves and soil.

Best tasted and relished with: roast lamb, barbecue, casserole, veal hotchpotch in an earthenware pot, roast larded meat cooked in the oven, Rodopski pie (pastry) with cheese and rice, pastry with spinach, potato pie, buffalo cheese, pastrami.

Volume: 0.75 L

Price: 18.00 BGN

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